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Please help with toys and creations

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I will tried to upload an activity book here but it didnt work, so I've added it to Google docs. Here are 2 links for the 2 versions of the book.






Please let me know if the links work and ENJOY !!

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Welcome to the forum Tonya! What is your grey's name? My Timneh was about the same age when we got her. Her name is Gilbert but a DNA revealed "he" is a she. We thought she was aggressive but it turns out she was timid and scared. When they are distress, biting is the only communication they may know. Go slowly with offering new toys. Hanfpg them below perching level so he doesn't feel threatened, you can always move them later as he gains confidence. Gilbert's first "toy" was a roll of adding machine paper. Tie it with a leather lace or whatever you have. Tear off a piece and weave it through the bars. Over time you will learn if he likes paper, wood, acrylic toys and he may change what he likes over and over again. I would love to see you tell his story in the Rescue Room. Slow and predictable will win him over. You will hear a lot about grey time. Every one of our greys is unique and individual. I so look forward to learning with you and yours.

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"Toys" to birds is a more descriptive term than an actual item. We consider toys as anything that keeps their attention for any amount of time, and gives them things to destroy without damaging our things. Because, "If they can't destroy it, they don't enjoy it." They do not care how creative you get, or how nice the toy looks. My birds get things like paper cups, plastic drinking straws, wooden spoons, knotted raffia, packing paper wadded up, soft cover books (like phone books or catalogs), natural loofah sponges, wooden clothespins, and undyed craft popsicle sticks. Once you start thinking of bird toys, you'll see things everywhere. Plus, with these types of things, you know exactly what your bird is playing with and chewing. Good luck with your new friend!

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Okay, so this is what i have found that Garcia loves to chew on. At the grocerie store i buy a bag of the muti-color plastic straws that are supposed to be used for shakes/smoothies. I take the straws and cut them in half poke a hole in the middle of each straw and run kite string through the holes. Then squish them all down and tie it off, leaving some extra string to tie to a clip.

She will go at that thing for 30min or more. She loves it and it only cost me about $1.50 to make something that lasts about 3weeks. I was trying to make something kinda like this. http://imgur.com/S2HJQU8

This is what it looks like. Here is what it looks like. http://imgur.com/WX60fYnhttp://imgur.com/WX60fYn

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Around here any straw is awesome. I think it's the only source of amusement they all agree on. There's a salvage place that has institution sized boxes of the really big ones w/paper wrapping sometimes. Those are the absolute best'est.


One at a time is a foot toy. Sometimes woven through the cage bars or hidden in perches. I just grab a few for them to munch on if they're hanging out on me.


Don't know if you've seen this before. But Garcia might like the different presentation



Our fav diy version is a big handful & a quick link ( not zinc plated, though ) zip tied together. Three minutes that is always very well received. Kura actually stole this one before I got a chance to hang it in one of the other guy's cages.







Phenix got this for Xmas & it's his current obsession. Partly because I just keep finding ways to make it fun. First of all, it's got a bell so right there it gets the points. But it's also huge. I can put pretty much any fruits & veggie in whatever form in it. Sometime I make him work for it. Which is apparently fine by him.







Also, I stuff it full of coffee filters. Very cheap from the dollar store, Sam's Club etc. I wrap some things like legos/duplos, pony beads, nuts in their shell, cut up Popsicle sticks or straws (again), wood &/or plastic shapes, whatever. Some I don't wrap, just stick in between the filters & then I stuff the ball so full I can hardly screw it shut. He really has to work at it to get the stuff out. And some stuff is deliberately too big so it's never going to get pulled out. But he'll keep trying for hours. Partly because that's just who he is & partly because he wants to ring the bell. He loves his bells!


It's a real nice foraging toy to keep his little mind active. It changes up because it can be used w/w/o the bell, on a chain or stick, w/misc stuffing or food stuff. It is washable. It certainly looks unbreakable. Even the undestructabell which he can't actually get at!! ") Very worth the investment imho.



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