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So I thought I would post a couple of pics of Echo!


Hanging out on the boing that has to be multicoloured





Just how much damage can a grey do to a wooden chair?


Echo and Chair2.jpg


Watching the cat drink from his bowl


Echo and London.jpg


Having successfully chased the cat away, it's now her turn to drink


Echo and London2.jpg


Just hanging out!


echo upside down.jpg

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And a couple more!


Why the parrot and dog are not allowed out together! (Nothing happened, but Kyleigh has that "stare" so no chances being taken at all!


Kyleigh and Echo.jpg


Echo with my last cat - they LOVED each other, it was awesome!


keiko and dawson2.jpg


Echo with my last dog - they adored each other too - Echo would call her over by name and feed her, and preen her!


parrot dog and gorilla.jpg

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Wicked cuteness!! :)


I really hate to be a buzz kill & all. But I nearly lost Phenix early on because he had an extremely aggressive infection in his crop. It started on Christmas day, no less. I'm very lucky Tufts Vet Med Hosp is (sorta) nearby or he'd never have made it. I thought I was kissing him goodbye that day. I literally cried all the way back.


Anyway, a week in the hospital, 1 month between a fish tank in the bathroom & the vet's office & he finally (almost) got back to normal. They'd basically thrown everything they had at it . But they admitted they never really could figure out what he'd actually had.


Until about a month later when I saw him helping himself to the dogs' water bowl. ding ding ding The light bulb popped on over my head & I called the vet. I got a "hell yes!" in the form of a very long & scary list of the germs etc that I'll spare everyone. But it wouldn't actually be exaggeration to suggest posting a sign saying, "Toxic! Keep out!" over the water bowl.


Lesson learned & hopefully sharing it will spare anyone else the same kind of fun & excitement.

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What a beautiful, curious and brave little girl you have. I somehow missed Echo is a Timneh African Grey. We are on a path to this kind of roaming and although I never let Miss Gilbert eat after me, I would have never given a thought to guarding the dog's water bowl. I was noticing the photo with the larger dog Kaleigh, and saw what looks like a painting or drawing of an African grey, maybe? And then, I saw thread... lots of pretty thread in the same container I have my thread spools. And then I saw the previous dog and we have a couple little dachshunds too. It looks like there are a lot of similarities between your home and mine. Echo needs to give Miss Gilbert lessons on courage.

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Yeah, there's not much Echo is afraid of LOL sometimes I wish she had just a TAD of fear of some thing - like not afraid to fly and land on ANYTHING ... She is however, absolutely terrified of black lamps LOL I tried for three years to put up the black lamp that I had bought for the bird room ... nope, she won ... i had to give it away!


Quilting is my wintertime hobby - it's a long time hobby in Ottawa - I get to quilt for at least a solid 6 months, so Echo really benefits from a lot of "me" time. In the summer she gets to come outside in a small travel cage and watch me garden! Not as thrilling I'm sure, but she does like to make lots of noise and copy the wild bird calls!

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I always get a little YEAH in my head when I see "Canadian" on the forums LOL


Yeah, Echo's pretty awesome! I'm very grateful that I don't have the issues that I hear / read about with so many people.


I also have my german shepherd, and she is definitely MUCH more demanding of my time LOL ... no couch potato owner when you have a GSD

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Kyleigh... you are being patient and curious! We're watching you girl! LOL!

I am not really concerned about Ollie and Sophie swapping spit, as they have for more than a decade! I refresh all their water twice a day with a good scrubbing. Sophie tends to take a drink from Ollie's bowl, and I have never worried about it. I'm more obscessed with what myself and kids can bring home! WASH your hands the moment you walk in the door, wash your hands before picking up the bird. Sophie gets annoyed with my ritual while just waiting to get picked up! When I'm stripping off my scrubs... she is chewing my ear off about her day! Our ritual, has kept her healthy Nancy

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