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What does your grey weigh?

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467 grams at this current weigh in. She can get as heavy as 490. When we first got her she was 435-450. Someone's turned into a little piggy.


Sorry for the wrong-orientation. New phone and I wasn't paying attention when I shot it.


WOW What a weigh in!;)

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chezron... Brutus is named appropriately! LOL! I would think he should be on the defensive team. A linebacker for sure. LOL I would move " non-cooperative Sophie" regarding the weight scale, to assistant coach, as she LOVES bossing everyone around. Especially her loving to say " come on! " We still need a coach. The bossiest bird ever! Any takers? Who has the bossiest bird! Nancy

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Smokey (CAG)----575 gms------large boned grey

Jazz (CAG)------470 gms--------Medium boned grey

Tee (TAG)-------325gms-------Standard boned grey.


Weight of CAGs is determined by the size of the parents.

Smokey's parents were male--585 gms----female---606gms

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LOL! Noooo Escher gets to be center on offense! Now I know the football positions, and we need to be one team. DANG, there are alot of positions.I am moving Sophie up to coach position, as no one else applied. She is quite bossy, but fair, AND can say " come on guys! LETS GO!"

Brutus-470-490 grams defensive line

Graciemae-490 grams defensive line

smokey-575 grams defensive line

ShaneO-488 grams tackle

Greyness-470 grams tackle

Timber-276 grams -quarterback

jazz-470 grams-end

gracie-370 grams-wide-receiver

Tankaray -310 grams-fullback

Tee-325 grams-tight end

Escher 250 grams- center

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We now have eleven more positions to fill! We are gonna have to let the newbies in... Once we have a team of 22 positions filled, we are going to need a team to go against!I hope u are all okay with Sophie being the coach. I think she would be awesome! ( especially as she refused to be weighed!) LOL! Nancy

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