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      I am proud to announce that the beautiful African grey, shown next to Greyforums on our home page is our beloved Sukei!  Our guardian angel KevinD has saved our grey family so that we may continue to share in the bond we have with our finds. This honor is well deserved, and I am thrilled to have Sukei as our Official Greyforums Mascot!  ♥️

No WAY!!!

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Maggie/Spock here...The other day, I made Jay his favorite tofu scramble with spinach, mushrooms, finely chopped celery and carrots, and finely chopped tofu and since I was running behind, I fed our fids some of this too for their hot meal with brown rice on the side. Joe was so excited and dived into his plate and took a big bite, lifted his head with his mouth wide open, let the food fall out of his mouth, shook his head  to get rid of the rest of the food, reared his head back and looked at me as if saying "What the HELL was that????"....O.o Then he flew away and turned his back to me...ROLOL...I tried to make peace by offering him some scrambled egg but he just gave me the evil eye...I wasn't going to fool HIM twice!  :P

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A true food critic, don't allow him to watch Gordon Ramsey he may pick up some very critical commentary.

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