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Pistachio Fly's "Over the rainbow" [No more pain.]

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Pistachio, our Ringneck parakeet has moved on to a better place. Here's a current and original post explaining how we rescued Pistachio  and Buddy.

(Maggie here)...Pistachio and Buddy have always shared a cage together and often at night when checking on them, tiny Pistachio would sleep with larger Buddy under his wings. I fed both this morning and they were great but when I went to check on them a little later, I found Pistachio on the bottom of the cage (passed on) with Buddy protecting him. At that time he would not let me near Pistachio. When I went back in a few minutes later, Buddy was on his perch and I moved Pistachio. As I left the room, Salsa flew in and landed on their old cage and sat with Buddy for a few minutes (she never goes in their room). Buddy squawked and made a ruckus for about an hour but he seems to have calmed down a little...We have had them since 2010 and they were together before that. We don't know how old they were when we got them. Really concerned about Buddy because he was more psychologically damaged from his previous life and still has much baggage. Pistachio let us touch him and pick him up when he landed on the floor but Buddy has always been like a lion in a cage...Fly free now over the rainbow...

[Pistachio] Did you find it? Yeah Buddy, it was easier then we thought, I watched Spock do it. How ya feeling Buddy? Okay, had a anxiety attack last night but okay now.

At least they don't happen as often. These Big-ones won't hurt us like the other did.

I know, I just can't forget. They blew that foul stuff at my beaker and I'd go crazy and fling myself and it hurt...I still hurt!

I know Bud but things have been good for a while. You haven't bitten the Big-ones for a long time.

Yeah [lol] you yell out "NO Buddy don't Bite". Hows your back Pistachio? It don't hurt hasn't for a long time.

I heard Mama Big-One tell Papa they played like I was a daisy, pulling the feathers out one at a time saying "I love him, I love him not". After the first few times, it hurt so bad I just can't remember any more. Then I just started pulling them out of my chest myself because I hurt so bad. I wish you weren't afraid to fly Buddy. When I go into the other room, there's these big birds and they are majestic and they let me fly with them until I get tired and have to land. Mama Big-one gently picks me up off the floor and brings me back to you. You know she always brings us good food and that wet stuff she sprays on me makes my skin feel so good. Do you want me to preen you, okay Buddy?

That feels really good!

Buddy, why do you call "Kitty, kitty, kitty". There's no kitty here....

Hehehe...it sounds good...Anyways, that little black thing without wings comes running into the room. Once I pooped on his head and he likes the little treats I throw down for him.

There's good feathered friends here......







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It`s not easy with the loss of a loved companion.

It takes time to get over the loss, Some times it`s a long time.

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I'm so very sorry.....Indian Ringneck is my "wish I could have bird, but never will"

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