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Wet Health for your FIDS

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        Fids and Fish...O.o
I'm going to try and answer SR's question and respond to Talon's and others concern about fish tanks. All aquariums require care, some more then others. Different fish require different water temps and different water conditions. If some one would like to set-up a salt water or fresh water tank I'd be glad to help.
The tanks I spoke of are almost maintenance free except feeding the fish, adding water and keeping the glass clean...As an added benefit, it is going to have the looks and fish that your friends are not used to with a big plus by adding oxygen and moisture for you and your fids, while removing toxins.
To start with, the larger the tank, the easier it is to maintain. A 29-30 gallon tank has a small footprint but a large amount of surface volume to release oxygen. Let's set up a tank...
Tank should be approximately 6" from the wall...I recommend a 20lb bag of CaribSea Eco-Complete Planted Aquarium Substrate and some inert rocks (lava, river rock, no coral or limestone). You will not use very much rocks because this is a plant tank. A small piece of driftwood and if you must, a safe decoration from the fish store would round out your decorations.
RO water is used from any water station that sells it. This is a low PH setup. Your soil, water, and plants will maintain this. We want a temperature of 65-85, and a PH of 6.2-8.0 or if you get a different type plant, you will follow that temp and PH requirement.
Filtration is provided by a simple cheap sponge and air pump filter. I use Bio Sponge Filter and Tetra 20-40gal air pump with airline. Mechanical filtration is taken care of by the soil and plants. Lighting: LED Daylight Plant light which, if you're handy, you can make yourself or you can purchase at E Bay or Amazon.  (Beamswork 6500K Aquarium Light which will fit your tank). You will need a small heater ( at least a 100 watt) depending on your median room temperature. If you can keep your water temp above 65 degrees, you won't need a heater. You will need a PH test kit and a thermometer
Creatures: Here is the fun part....how about some beautiful Red Cherry freshwater shrimp 1-1/2" long, 6 to 8 Rasbora Hets or Embers or Neon Tetras, Malaysian Trumpet Snails, and 1 Corydoroas Catfish.  
Plants: If you want to have a self-maintaining tank, you will not want exotic plants. What I use and is a safe bet and I have done nothing for over a year besides adding water and cleaning the front of the tank, is Java Moss, Anubias Nana "Petite", and Anubias Barteri Nana. This set-up provides a lot of fresh oxygen and moisture to your room while reducing CO2 and toxins. Add a couple of Aloe Vera Plants and you can bottle and sell the freshness...LOL...This is good for humans and pets alike.
I will do another post here in a few days with links so you can get more information. B|

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Thank you, any questions, just ask...B|

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I'll ask my question regarding your comment in Talon's thread since it's getting derailed:

- why don't you condone glofish?


From what I've read they are merely genetically modified with a fluorescent protein gene that's naturally found in other marine animals.   My problem with them is the business behind it.   They are very guerilla tactics when it comes to use of the glofish word and completely have that market cornered.   As much as I would like to have some, I don't really want to stuff the pockets of corporate pigs.   That's my problem with them.  


I believe that photo that I posted in Talon's thread was some kind of non-glofish tank.   It was very stunning to look at in it's own right.

Re-linking that image here:


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Thank you.
This tank is a cube tank topless with a back filter, no heater, it has Guppy's or Platys in it..The tank pictured is "High Maintenance", the only biological or mechanical filtration is a small unit in the back. If one isn't a experienced fish feeder it will be a mess of algae and waste.
I'll list some "All in one tank's" good ones. The smaller the tank the harder it is t keep, Go no smaller then a 20 gallion.
I've shopped with all these shops.





saltwater fish.


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