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Abundant feeding

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This is from a post I did way back when but it's still relevant....

Abundant feeding, is exactly what the name apply, To have enough food available for your growing baby that they'll never have to search or worry about food. The change from "Rapid weaning" to "Abundant Feeding came about in the early "90's". A study of wild and hand raised Hyacinth Macaws showed that hand raised H macaw's of the time were stunted, smaller, and out of proportion. At the time, rapid weaning was in favor, hand feeding would be cut to force the birds to wean and eat solid food sooner. Through these studies, Abundant feeding came about.

What is Abundant feeding? At all times you have more food available then is needed for the babies, yes some food is wasted, but you have a healthy bird...Have plenty of pellets and seed's available at all times, fresh veggies through-out the day, and most important, hand-feeding as long as the baby wants it, no exceptions.

Go ahead with the food, at this stage they do more playing with it than eating but they will start eating...remember to remove your soaked pellets after 2 hours. I don't suggest adding anything to the formula other than a 1/4 teaspoon of peanut butter if the baby is underweight. The formula actually stimulates the desire for solid foods. ...every baby is different. Does your baby have big feet and large bones? Spock has extremely large feet...he always has...

How many times are you feeding your baby a day? My personal feelings are no...I worry too much about stretched crops. I've seen it too many times. The crop should be spongy when you touch it with your finger...not tight. Another concern of mine regarding feeding formula is I've seen incidents where too much formula has been given and it cools too fast and impacts which sometimes can be resolved and other times not.

In the early ninety's with the impending law to stop all importation of new birds to the US, the bird pet industry went into overdrive to captive-breed existing parrots. During this time, we were paid $20 a day to feed 80-100 babies a day. This was with a Gavage needle inserted into the crop. This is definitely NOT my way of feeding unless I have a sick or injured bird.


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