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;)Sprouting...that is the question...Sprouting produces an excellent product, at a cost. I'll start out with the pros. During our lifetime working with parrots, we've sprouted many things including beans and seeds, some easy, some hard...In the Grey's homeland, they eat sprouted seeds, etc. but not what you would expect. The parrots follow the elephants...when the elephants dump a load, the parrots fly down and dig through to find the sprouted seeds etc. found in the elephant stools. These sprouted items have absorbed the nutrients from the fermented droppings. We cannot produce this.



  • It's healthy for your Fids...
  • Fantastic bragging rights...


  • They provide no more nutrients than a good seed and fresh veggie food mix...
  • They are expensive...
  • They are time-consuming...
  • A large amount of waste...
  • If the sprouts are aged too long, they become bitter and the parrots won't eat them...
  • After all your hard work and effort, your Fid may not eat them....

Here is the simplest and safest way to sprout:

Sprouting jars:

  • Mason jar Quart with rings...
  • Fiberglass screening or good cheesecloth...


  • Cut fiberglass screening or cheesecloth to fit in mason jar ring...
  • Boil jars and rings to sanitize...

Sprouting ingredients:

  • The best parrot seeds and beans (Mung) you can find...
  • The best is "TOP's All In One Seed Mix"...(Amazon) almost 100% viable...
  • Apple cider vinegar


      Add 1/4tsp of apple cider vinegar, add bottled water (half full room temp). Fill with half seeds, rinsed, If you use Top's seeds, don't rinse and no vinegar. Set in dim area (some light), laying on its side with the rear of the jar raised to drain water. Next day, rinse...if any tails are showing, remove whole seed and put it in a jar, sealed, in the refrigerator to stop growth. Feed...If you would like the tails longer, rinse, lay on side, and check the next day...the ideal tail length for a Grey or 'Zon is 1/4 to 1/2"..











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Sorry it took so long to post, I wasn't feeling after I started

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