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Some of our Cockatiels


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:) Hi, I'm Jay and through magic, here's a blast from the past...18 years ago..


Picture2 006.jpg

Here is a pied Cockatiel:



Here is a Pearl 'Tiel


. 002.jpg

Here is a Lutino....


Here is an Albino



Here is our White-faced Pearl Pied....



Here's a Gray, a Cinnamon, a Fawn, and a Pearl Pied....

Picturee 041.JPG

and here is part of the FLOCK....two per cage (they loved hanging out together)

Picture2 010.jpg





Picture1 005.jpg

Picture1 046.jpg

Picture1 049.jpg

Picture1a 001.jpg

Picture2 013.jpg

Picture29 002.jpg

Hope you enjoyed the show....THE END...


Picture1 041.jpg

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Greetings....you could have all males along with the cockatiels, we had Amazons, Macaws, 'Keets, Cockatoos, Grass Parakeets, Conures, Ringnecks, a Hawk-head, at the same time....lol You can also check


Choose wisely for your forever Fid...Some parrots don't like to be separated for more than a few hours. Others, you can take a 3  week vacation and they won't be upset.

Thank you, Jayd

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