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Is this the best option for the bird?

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I didn't know where to post this, I've never posted here as I'm new to this


Hello, I'm new here but I'm eager to learn!

So, My mum has a friend who has a Congo African Grey Parrot called Tico.  Tico is her husbands bird until he passes. Once her husband passes she will need my help with getting Tico out of his cage and into his travel carrier and take him home with me as my bird. Tico would be my first bird and I want to do the right thing for Tico. She originally asked for my help to bring Tico to the bird rescue I volunteer at sometimes but even though I've never had a bird I feel taking him to the bird rescue wouldn't be in Tico's best interest since most of the exotics  (especially the Macaws, Cockatoos and Amazons and other large birds) get bounced from home then back to the rescue then to home then back to the rescue and so on.


I am currently 21, live with my mum and fiance and I don't go to school but do plan to do school online but I have plenty of time and patience for working with Tico to give him the attention and care he needs.


I am much more comfortable with and do best with larger birds and I have some experience with handling Macaws, Cockatoos and Amazons. 

Ones that have temperament problems and that has a tendency to bite and do things their not supposed to do. 

I've been Biten, I've been lunged at,  I've been grabbed by beaks and nails and more. But after having patience  and time working with each bird that has done that to me has an Amazing reward, having a newly affectionate gentle bird was so worth it.


With what I understand with Tico, he does have a problem with biting and doesn't get out of his cage much because of that and needs more socializing with being touched and brought out and a few other thing.



From with what I said, does it seem as though Tico would have a better life with me?  Somebody who has the time and patience to work with him and care for him and give him the attention he needs? VS having to spend most of his life in a cage in a loud room with a lot of other birds with temperament and behavioral problems?



I kind of know the answer but I REALLY want to make sure it's the best thing for Tico.  I'm trying to think about his well being and quality of life above what I want.


I just want what's best for Tico.

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It sounds like you already have a handle on how it works to socialize and bond with this bird once it becomes yours but the key is patience and time, go slowly and allow the bird to let you know when he is ready for the next step. Let us know how it turns out.

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Continuity of care is important for Tico's well being.  I remember feeling so inadequate for Miss Gilbert when she came to me nearly ten years ago.  She had been passed from home to home and couldn't get relaxed and comfortable.  She still prefers the security of her cage, but shows that she wants head scratches and she has warmed up particularly to my son-in-law and other friends and family members.  What I had to do was to adjust my own expectations.  She is never going to be the cuddly, affection sort in the way my red bellied parrot is with me.  Java has bonded with me as a very young parrot and she loves to be cuddled and will share food with me and just be happy to be on my chest, kissing my face.  It is endearing.  However, she is not like that with anyone else.  Grey time is a hard concept for us humans.  It takes a lot of wondering if we are "enough"  I have accepted that I will never be her "Jim".  She still pines for him.  The fact is, nobody will replace Tico's beloved, but you will be trusted, loved and rewarded in many unexpected ways.  You are familiar with Tico and know what care he needs.  You are privy to most of his memories and will be able to understand what he is telling you.  For his well being, you can't measure it based on what you see as happiness from a human perspective.  He is wise beyond belief and will know you love and care for him just the way he is.

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