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My grey trained ME

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I had to chuckle at this section.  Sure, my grey will step up on command -- even poo on command if I say (dumb choice of phrase) "Be a good boy" while holding him over paper.

But that's it for his so-called "training".  I find myself repeating what HE says.  I find myself answering his "whatcha doing" with an actual answer (I'm reading" I'm watching a movie") as if he really understands what he's asking or even cares a whit about what I'm doing anyway! 

I find his loud squeaking sends ME rushing to find him his desired treat/food/toy/chewing object or to retrieve some dropped item (I am the maid here).

My grey (had him 22 years) runs this house and he knows it.  *I* flunked Training 101, not him.

As long as he's out of his cage with toys and food available: he's happy.  Me?  Well... I deal.

I am only thankful he doesn't bite me (because I swear if he was human, he'd probably be an abusive spouse).

Sorry for chuckling, but training???  My CAG is already too smart for his own good. 

I think my CAG is the trainer and *I* am the trainee.

[no offense for a seeming rant -- I am as sane as possible given 22 years with my CAG -- lol]

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Hell, I know Corky has been in charge for almost 19 years.

I have always done her bidding.

When Corky speaks, we listen.

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