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Some times we call our Greys by name other than their real name. It could be out of love or frustration or that they got into some thing they should not have.

You can`t tell me that your Grey is a perfect angle. I have had a Grey for far to long to believe that one.

They are sneaks at beat and are to smart for their own good.

When Corky does some thing good it`s oh Corky baby.

When it`s not so good it`s HAY BUTT HEAD !!!, With that said she knows she is in trouble

When she is sweet and cuddly it`s OH BABY GIRL.

There is another name but I will mention that one.

What do you call your Grey when it falls of the wagon ??

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I tell my two to stop being dicks al the time, when they being silly but cute  he is my mischief and she’s my monkey... when they are being extra needy and loud and annoying I call them both Assholes 🤣😊😂😜 but I love them a lot hahahahaha 

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I call mine 'love' a lot (as in "what do you need, my love?), and sometimes "Snick" (okay, Snick, why'd you do that?); but he also knows his name is Snickers and will often say his own name. I use his full name pretty often.

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Alfie is his actual name but he gets called Alfred and Alf quite a lot too.

Other slightly more sporadic names:

Alfie-doodles (which he used to be able to say himself... well, his version was more like "Alfie-Doooo!")
Little Man
Bubbah (all the animals get called that at times)

I'm sure there are more!

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