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GreycieMae pooped from the summer

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Awwwww!  Great video -- and such a good close relationship. Seeing so much trust in each other just warms my heart!  I reacted with a like' since there was no 'love' reaction! 🥰

The first time my grey laid upside down in my arms -- just WOW!  Sometimes nowadays he'll just flop over in my lap and trust my hands to keep him from rolling onto the floor!  But that first time, you truly realize what such trust means.  You feel both the joy and obligation to this wee grey that is giving you his full love and trust.  And mine had been through a few bad homes before I got him in 1997, so I truly understood the importance of not messing up his proper care or ever ruining that previous trust...ever! 

[insert warm fuzzies here]  🐦

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She's always been a girly girl kind of a CAG.   Here her is enjoying some evening time turning our brains into mush in front of the idiot box.  Iposted this a year or so ago but can't find it so re-posting:



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