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Alfie's 17th Hatchday!

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Alfie turned 17 years old today!

I bought him some of his favourite treats, which turned up yesterday.

And as everyone likes photos- here are some from the last week or so.

20200415_214841.thumb.jpg.828d5fe221127e5ace8eb1a89fe63a73.jpg20200415_195131.thumb.jpg.8e746acfc71998ab664d8d036ae346f4.jpg20200413_211538.thumb.jpg.17d498e51fd975205273ad7d327f7030.jpg20200412_181609.thumb.jpg.917d881c9c56103554b46cbdd4d91be8.jpg20200411_120335.thumb.jpg.129c03316e3fc5e713c55f90e8ec8837.jpg20200411_120656.thumb.jpg.2080394a2dc65945edb3634e692ff906.jpg 20200409_123919.thumb.jpg.23da0edbd07d9b3f84598c718ccb7a3d.jpg

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From the looks of things it looks like you already have the best of everything and that`s the way it should .

Sorry I missed your day. I hope it was the best ever.

From Ray and Corky

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