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A Zon on my shoulder

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I want to start this thread off on the right foot.

#1 I am not an advocate for shouldering a parrot.

#2 I am not an  advocate against shouldering a parrot.

When a relationship is strong and the time is right it is a beautiful thing; But you can`t rush into this.

Weather you shoulder your parrot or do not shoulder your parrot is your decision. It`s not right for everyone.

My left shoulder was her shoulder of choice. If I let her I think she would have spent her whole life there.

She would climb up there and preen her feathers and enjoy the world around her,

The one thing she would always do is get close to my head and lean against it and coo into my ear.

God I miss that !!!


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Lovely photos!

I would love to walk around with Alfie on my shoulder but I just can't trust him up there. He's always tried to get to my ears and now I have short hair, they are easily accessible. I also worry about my eyes. I always admire parrots who are well behaved and will be content to sit on a shoulder for hours without acting up!

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Aww.. Cricket was such a beauty, both inside & out!  You were both blessed to have each other.  My NIlah also would spend her life on your shoulder, if I sit on the couch and bend my leg on the recliner, she will go to my knee since it's the highest point. She too chooses my left shoulder,  She is very trusting when she is there, I do keep my face away from her just in case, but if I read her body language, ( Ray you know what I mean) I will know when its not time for her to bet there.  :)

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