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Is this behavior normal?

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Hi All,


I got my African grey 4 days ago. His name is Alex. He does a weird continuous movement with his tongue(attached video).

I took him to the vet yesterday, and the vet told me that he is fully healthy; he even checked his tongue and there wasn't anything out of the ordinary. The bird had a bit of heavy breathing; the vet cleaned his nose with a salty water solution. I felt that the rate at which he now does it has decreased a bit.

Anyone else's bird does the same? What got me worried is that I couldn't find any reference about this.(I am talking about the tongue movement not the beak hitting, as far as I read, the beak bobbing is pretty normal)

Please watch the video and let me know.


Thanks in advance,

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What a cute bird! The tongue thing is probably just a part of his personality. We all have quirks, yanno? Is Alex eating and drinking normally? As long as it's not interfering with his health and well-being, it probably shouldn't be a problem.

Keep in mind though, I'm just a lady on a forum!

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