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We don't have a general discussion area

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Maybe we need to make one, just for general chat.

I was just thinking as I heard from one of my friends still in the Middle East, (Have to leave the classified info out) but how lucky those of us that live in America are, all of us, black, white, yellow, brown, every color every creed are?

Were so divided by political and petty differences that we individually think America SHOULD be, and we forget (Or never have seen) what it is like to live in some 3rd world country. Conditions that the average American could not even conceive of.

Yet we squabble about our petty political differences.

I can assure you that you do not ever want to see it, let alone know how the government operates, or the conditions under what you would live  in a third world country, and how much is taken for granted.

I just want to say, that whatever God you believe in, or not believe in, know that you still live in the most blessed country in the world if not by God, then by chance should you be an atheist, and a lot of people gave their lives in pursuit of keeping it that way.

So the next time a discussion is had about all the terrible things going on here, remember this.

You STILL live in the most blessed country in the world, and not to let petty differences in opinions divide you. We are ALL Americans, Not Irish Americans, Not Italian Americans, Not African Americans, ect....ect, but ALL one thing, AMERICANS, and if you doubt me, I've seen blood from everyone, and it is ALL red.


There is one fact that applies to everyone and everything through out the history of every civilization, and it applies to humans and animals and Grey's too, United in a group we survive, and alone we fall. 

Maybe we are doomed to make the same mistakes of the Roman Empire and the like, but if enough people learn from the mistakes of the past, maybe, we have a chance.


I use the Roman empire as an example only because how long it lasted but it fell, divided, and we as a country are like 3 years old compared to that dynasty.


Just pay it forward, and do something different, maybe we can make it, maybe we cant, the children ARE the future, teach them REAL history, what really happened in the past, not some jaded college professor's version of it.

The generations before us gave us an example to follow.

Are we smart enough to learn from it? Are we smart enough to know that everything bad being argued about is about things that were done by people long in the grave? 

Use the good things instead of the bad things?


I just don't know. There is verse in the bible, I don't think anyone can argue with if your being honest about it with yourself.

"For with much wisdom comes much sorrow; the more knowledge, the more grief."

Just my thought for the weekend.





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You know, your right, even during the DB conversion I missed this one. Thats why Im a fan of not having too many forums and sub categories, but I didnt want to change what you had, just keep it going.


I stand corrected. Thanks! 

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