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First Words, and days gone by

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Just curious those of you that have your greys since they were born (Or shortly there after)

Sukie's first words were "You Know What?"

He hasn't said that in years, I was wondering if your grey forgot their first words.


I guess they have to make room in their brains for everything else they say, Sukie is probably at 1200 words and sentences at this point, but I cant get him to say his first words.


The story is funny because I was sitting in the living room back in the Middle East, and he said it.

My wife's cousin was there with me, and when he said it, her cousin said what?


And I said what?


He said you said "You know what?"


And I said no I didn't and we blew it off, I continued to watch TV and he continued playing his video game.

Then Sukei said it again LOUD, and we both looked up LMAO


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I've had Alfie since he was 11 weeks old but he's never been a big talker. He has learned and 'forgotten' words and phrases over the years. Though I don't think he really forgets them, just chooses not to say them any more. Occasionally he will relearn or remember old words/sayings or he'll come up with something he hasn't said for a long time.

My dad taught him to say "Oi! Put the kettle on!" when he was young. He also taught him to say "nag nag nag" to my mum and "naughty naughty!" but he no longer says these phrases.

He also learned to say "Widget" (one of my cat's names) but only said that for a short time before stopping. He now says "Pixel!" (the other cat's name) but never Widget.

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This is a bit of a relief for me as a rehome companion. Though Vannah doesn't have fowl language or anything,  there are some things I'd like her to stop saying. I was beginning to wonder if it was just wishful thinking that I could train her out of some phrases.

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