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Hi Everyone...

I'm new here from Southern Calif. I just got my African Grey named Gaby. She is 3 1/2 months old. I've had her for 2 weeks now. We are practicing Recall. She is getting better and better with each session. The one problem I have , there is a hanging light fixture where we fly her and it has become a magnet to her. I do give her treats, but she is never that hungry. I don't like starving her so she goes more for the treats. 

I do have a question.... I am concerned down the road about her plucking her feathers. I know its a stress thing or health issue. I am trying to decide on weather keeping her full flighted or clipping her wings. My breeder told me if I don't want her plucking, keep her full flighted. So my question is how many of you have clipped wings with no feather plucking, and for all full flighted, do you have any problems with plucking. You can also list your bird as plucking or not plucking, flighted or clipped. 

Thank you,

Keith and Gaby


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