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loosing your Grey....


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hi everyone,

I had been waiting to join this forum for a while, just got added......thanks...🙏

I am based in Dubai UAE and very hard getting info on birds here.

I am new with birds and had got a juvenile African grey less than 6 months old on 17th Aug. Her name was Grey  Was with me for a month and was extremely pampered and did so much research to do things right to give it the best possible life. with daily shower, sun time, chop, treats, not too much seeds more pellets in diet, sleep routine, taught her how to fly. lots of attention and play time and interaction.

I only put it in cage to sleep...rest of time was free on different stands and a well lit room to itself. I have 2 cats and they after first few days got used to having her around in fact would wait for her to wake up in morning and sit watching her make a mess with the chop and fresh fruits and treats.

One night put her to bed as she would go to her perch in cage and wriggle when was sleep time. next morning was looking unwell and being new I immediately booked appointment with Avian vet and took for checkup. 

they said seemed gastro and gave medication. next day was eating a bit but still looked unwell. 3rd day was not eating so got her admitted on 17th Sept . next 2 days she recovered and used to be so excited when went to meet her at clinic. 4th day when went to meet her she was super excited and seemed back to normal and I was told we will discharge in evening, when I went to pick up in evening she was looking very down. I was informed by vet just force-fed and usually get lethargic and maybe is homesick. I got her home thinking will improve after good night sleep....she was cuddling with me the whole time. When was sunset she went to her perch in cage which was our understanding is sleep time now. so I put on the heat lamp to keep her cozy and covered her cage so has a good sleep and is fresh in morning now is back home.

morning I prepared all her treats and when removed cover she seemed drained with sunken eyes and dropping hanging. I picked her up..that was her last step up.....I tried to give her some water..but wouldn't take it.....just cuddled up with me.....shivered and was gone. I was heartbroken.....I wasn't prepared to loose her. I wasn't mentally prepared that this could happen....I was devastated. on 22nd Sept. 7am she passed away in my arms....😢

I got her blood test reports 2 days later and was circovirus PBFD positive. 

I got upset with the avian why discharged when wasn't looking well, could we have done something different, I have a million questions did I do something wrong. What signs to look for? 

With all the members knowledge and experience would really help if can get some answers on how fatal is circovirus on a healthy active juvenile parrot. How did she get virus? can it be from some food or toys I got her? or was she already infected and it showed up? How soon can I get another? What all precautions to take? Biggest mistake I made I didnt get tested when got her seemed healthy so I have this huge guilt that could I have done something different to save her? 

Everyone is pressurizing me in family to get another but I am just not ready.......

but when I do get I want to be better prepared so would really appreciate your advice.......🙏

I have attached pic of a day before she fell sick, recovery in clinic and her parting. are there some signs I am missing?? pls help understand them better.



Do I sterilize the current toys and stands or dispose of them? The food with me do I throw it or anywhere to donate in UAE ? 


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I am so, so sorry for your loss. It sounds like you did everything right, and it is heartbreaking. As to your question, I would destroy everything (cage, toys etc.) and disinfect the area.

Maybe at some point you will want to feel ready to open your heart to another bird.

Prayers for you as your grieve.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your sweet baby. I know of another person who bought their gray in Dubai and it also had the same disease as yours did. She was told that it's common for places to sell sick birds there.

As Timbersmom has said, this disease is extremely infectious. If you have any other birds everything needs to be cleaned and sanitized. Everything. The virus remains on surfaces for a long time, so please refrain from getting any other birds for now.

Again, I'm so very sorry. You did everything you could. But, unfortunately, there is no cure.

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