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CeasarsDad (Frank)


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To All Our Older Members:

I know many of our members that contribute these days are newer members and aren't familiar with one of our earliest members. For those of us that have hung in there for all these years......you may remember when we first joined (after jumping ship from another bird forum), there were only 3 rooms here. As a group, we have increased the rooms to what we have today. The membership was more like a family back in the day when we were all so active..being here every day all through-out the day.....those were fun times!  We became a family and shared lots of ups & downs as we built this forum to the encyclopedia of knowledge it is today.

We couldn't have done it without the fierce force from CeasarsDad. He was instrumental in the growth we've had here.  He posted videos, ran contests & created a family forum.  Although he never owned this forum (not for a lack of trying over & over)  He really helped this forum take off, he assigned many a moderator & I as the Administrator.   He was known for his African grey Ceasar (who Frank adored more than anything). He stopped posting several years ago as he lost Ceasar after his wife left the door open & he flew out never to be found again by the family.  They live in Florida & it was always his hope that he was free or was found by a loving family...he was heartbroken & couldn't bring himself to come back here much after that.


I have held off sharing this sad news for personal reasons......but today felt like it was time those who remembered him & loved him for all he contributed here, knew what happened to him.   I am sad & sorry to tell you that Ceasarsdad (Frank)  passed away last October at the age of 62 , after a year & half battle with a brain tumor (glioblastoma).  

This was one of the best videos he ever posted:  http://www.greyforums.net/videos/state1.wmv<br><br>Post


Of course the famous:  Grey Owner, What do you look like? thread was started by Frank.  

There is much more he posted...his posts & advice and memories will live on forever here.  Rest in Peace Frank, you will never be forgotten, you left quite a legacy here at this forum.  ❤️




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Oh no. This is so extremely sad. I remember when he returned for a short while as well. I recall that he was really struggling with  some personal issues as well as having lost his beloved Ceasar.

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