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Let me re-introduce myself

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HI!  Dorian and I are back.  I know I haven't logged on since 2018, but I never forgot about you guys.  I just got busy, and sick, and my back went out, and, well, life.

Dorian's still my little feathered entertainment unit.  He doesn't talk as much these days, simply because the house we're now in is much smaller than our previous home, and he spends almost all the time with me.  He used to use speech to lure me back downstairs to him when I was upstairs taking care of my dad.  Dad's been gone for 9 years now, but every once in a while I still hear his voice coming from Dorian.  This summer I've been taking Dorian in his travel cage out to the front porch on days when it hasn't been too hot.  He loves barking at the dogs who walk by lol.  He'll be 21 this coming November.  Hard to believe I've had him for 17 years.

I'm going to have some fun looking around and getting caught up.  Glad you're still here.

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Great to have you back.   I think we have maybe 4 regular posters here right now but it goes up occasionally.   I took a several month hiatus recently as we moved from our place in Allen Texas to a ranch near the Oklahoma border.   I think I posted some pictures here a while back.   We don't have the nice aviaries that I built anymore but working on setting up some new ones outside.  Slow process....

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