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Just curious.......  How many Members have their greys microchipped??

My Ana Grey has been since 2008.  When I got her.  If she is taken to a vet, I should be contacted, unless  the culprit is also Janet.....



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I had Alfie's leg band removed some years back as it was starting to rub on his leg and make it sore and he kept playing with it (probably because it was irritating him). I had him microchipped at the same time.

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If your main aim to microchip is primarily to get your grey or other birdie back in case Murphy visited you, that might not be the best solution.

Your best chance will be to get birdie back ASAP.

It is not necessary the other person bring the birdie to vet to scan for microchip for a long time.

Because as time go by from days to weeks, the other person will form attachment.  Even if the finder is honest, very honest, emotional entanglement might lessen 

the chances of birdie being returned to you.

This is what I do.

Plagiarised from
Reflections on Riamfada at edge of the Empty Quarter and some rants

Partial extract only

But what if Riamfada could tell those who found her my telephone? Or my telephone number be on her that I then could be contacted.

What if something could be clipped to her with my telephone?

What about those tiny aluminium thingie with paper scrolled inside designed for cat or dog collars that I seen in pet shops in Qurum? That I could tie with Dyneema to her harness?

That same evening saw me in petshop there. They have no tiny aluminum cylinder thingie. Perhaps I seen that in petshop in some other countries that got mentally displaced to here in Muscat, Oman.

But they have tiny plastic cylinder thingie for cats or dogs. I rather have the aluminium as I feared Riamfada would just chew the plastic apart. I bought 2 of those at about 2 US$ each. They snapped open to reveal a scroll of paper for name address and telephone number inside.


The next morning was Friday. But that day would be devoted to checking this possible solution.
I called Mr Jabri who enjoyed that desert report and was frightened by that only a bit less than me and much more frightened than any of you for reason obvious to all of you.

He agreed his name and phone be written in that paper together with my wife telephone number. That was in case if Riam was rescued by someone who might not be able to speak English, he would be called.

I was prepared for any ransom or reward money to get Riamfada back.

I fixed two harness with that tiny cylinder thingie. Riamfada was harnessed up for that acid test. If those cylinder bothered her. She could chew that within a second.

She was curious, and gave that a cursory chew and never bothered again with that cylinder.

That Friday was spend in neighbourhood walks , and flights inside the house with just the harness on. She never bothered with the cylinder.

That was tested all through the week in our daily neighbourhood walks and recall flights done. That tiny cylinder thingie never bothers Riam at all when she was flying or not flying and ignored by her all the time.



Nothing is fool proof. But the chances of Riamfada being found and reunited with me is now immensely better with those telephone numbers attached to her harness via that cylinder.

Any freeflights will be done with Riam in her harness which now weigh 4 grams with that cylinder thingy. The harness is less than 1 % of her body weight. That 1 % is less than your running shoes /shirt/shorts that you wear when you go for a run. Or do you need to be naked and running without shoes before you feel you are truly running? If you feel that way, and if you are a sweet young thing and live near me, do me a favour and come over and run in circles around me.




I also found the aluminium cylinder thingy for phone number



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