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Alfie's Foraging Box


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I did something a little different for Alfie's Christmas present this year. I normally get him a couple of new toys to hang in his cage. This year I decided to add a new toy to his shelves that he likes to play on in the living room... mainly to try and stop him chewing on the wall!

I found an untreated wooden box and stuffed it full of crinkly paper, wood chips and foot toys. It's been a big hit and after a bit of side-eye Alfie hopped up and started exploring. He has great fun rustling through the box and finding toys to fling out of it... most of them usually land on the sofa below... or on my head if I'm sitting there. 😂




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50 minutes ago, SRSeedBurners said:

I'll bet he loves that.   Throw a few loose almonds in there (if he's into that sort of thing).   That'd keep mine coming back for more and probably making a bigger job putting everything back in.

I'm sure I have a defective grey, because he is not interested in almonds at all 😂 Most grey owners tell me that almonds are their grey's favourite treat but Alfie just flings them!

He does seem to be enjoying it- especially the flinging toys at my head part- that's always his favourite game!

Good idea though- I'll chuck some walnuts in there to encourage him to rummage around a bit more.

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17 hours ago, Timbersmom said:

What a neat idea! Glad he went for it too. You just never know.

That's why I gave it to him early, before Christmas. I was sure he would take a while to warm up to it. He gave it a bit of side eye on the first day then hopped right up the second day! Now whenever he plays on his shelves he'll have a little rummage around, climb in and start digging toys out.

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