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Huey goes to the vet


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Huey came to us with a foot chewing disorder.  He was on Haliperidol 2x/day - 24/7.  I instantly wanted him off of that stuff.   It went well for a while but I found that something will trigger him and he's back to losing his mind and butchering his feet.    His vet is in Dallas, over two hours from my current location.   His craycray birdy med is well expired so I had to book an appt and get down there yesterday.

I walked in the door and the front desk lady checked us in, then put us in a waiting room.   The Vet tech comes in and "OMG IT IS HUEY!!!!".   She was over the moon to see Huey.   She told me they saw Huey's name on the docket that morning but didn't recognize the owner name so they figured it wasn't THE Huey.  She asked about how I came to have Huey, and we went over his footy issue which she was well aware of.    Alone again, we're waiting and then DR TATE enters.  Dr. Tate's eyes light up and you can tell these two know each other.   I told her the same, how I got Huey, still in touch with Huey's previous daddy, send him pics and vids regularly and occasional visits.   Dr. Tate then told me the history of Huey.   Mike brought him to her with a severe foot chewing issue most like initiated from being abused by his first owner (Huey hates men, so there is something behind that).   Mike & Dr. Tate went through all kinds of medications to try and find one that worked.   She also said he used to have 'hamburger feet'.  She would regularly wrap his feet so that he couldn't tear them up.   I'm getting the picture Mike spent a fortune on Huey's mental condition.   

Dr. Tate told me that Huey has never looked better.   I told her that Huey is a very demanding birdy and things have to be almost 100% his way or you're in for a fight.  I explained how Huey has relayed to us that he will sleep on the shower door, not in a cage.  Check.   Huey needs pellets at night, not the yuck healthy birdy food that he eats all day.  He must have a drink before bed time.  I also told her how I started flying him and that makes a huge difference in calming his butt down.  He also now gets regular sun.   She said his feather used to be really bad too but that's all gone now.  I think that was due to the diet change.  Last thing I told her he rarely has to have his craycray birdy meds.   Usually just twice a year he will lose his head, normally around the time allergens are hitting the air and then we can get it under control in a week or three and we're good.


I had no idea I was taking a local celebirdy into the clinic.   It made me happy to see that Huey has been so loved by so many.   He's a very lucky birdy.


Huey and Dr. Tate - thrilled to see Huey doing so well.  


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