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A couple lovely interactions

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Dorian and I have started sitting on the front porch for fresh air again now that the weather permits it.  This week we had a couple of really cute moments with kids.  The first one was with a little boy about 5 yrs old and his caretakers.  He's got some obvious developmental delays, and I don't think he really walks.  They bring him around in a stroller.  I called out to them as they were passing by and asked if they thought he would like to see a parrot.  They said yes, so I took Dorian down to the sidewalk.  The little boy, Maverick, was fascinated, especially when Dorian started making noises.  He would make a noise and Maverick would let out a big belly laugh and point, which would make Dorian vocalize more . . .  They had a good 5 minute visit before they moved on.

Then a couple of days later my neighbour asked if his 10 yr old son could come over for a visit. Kevin only has Mason every other week.  He's met Dorian before, but when he was very young, so probably didn't remember it.  Mason was full of questions.  He was just a babe in arms when I moved here.  Now he's a very active boy's boy.  Hates school, loves hockey, and is a real animal lover.  All in all we had a lovely visit.  Maybe when he's a little bit older I can train him to look after Dorian in emergencies.  When he was leaving he told me he'd be back to visit again if he saw I had Dorian with me.  He's obviously just tolerating the grown up human to get birdy access, but that's ok with me lol.

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